Falegnameria Serra ENVIRONMENT

The wood is the oldest natural renewable material used for the construction of windows.

Choosing only one coming from strictly controlled plantations, in respect of the life cycle of trees and without spoiling the forests, we promote the necessary recycling and reforestation. All the materials exposed to the weather are subject to deterioration. The cement crumbles, iron rusts, plastic “dry” and aluminum oxidizes.

The time, in recent years, helped by smog and acid rain, spares nothing. Yet the wood, between the various materials normally used in the construction of windows and doors, has the characteristic that, even if the normal procedures of cleaning and maintenance are neglected, it’s always restorable. Buying a wooden window or door means to make a choice according to nature, and since the environment it’s a precious good, our goal is to make the best efforts to produce only articles that conform to specific quality standards ensuring a production process that respects the environment .

Also according to the European Directive 89/106 / CE and in accordance with the UNI EN 14351-1 and UNI EN 13659 on the serie’s production of Carpentry Serra Luigi & Figli it’s adopted the CE mark to guarantee that each product responds positively to the basic requirements in safety, public health and consumer protection.

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